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Here at Tamberra, we see ourselves as professional digital problem solvers. We love a good mystery and that is what your project might be at this stage… a mystery. Who, what, where, when, why – these are all questions that we can help you answer.
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Sarasota WordPress

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Tamberra has a team of WordPress experts who can build and customize your WordPress site. We can create custom plug-ins, update and maintain your current site, or create a brand new WordPress site.




There are many different content management systems that you can choose. The reason many people choose WordPress is that with around 22% of all websites being hosted on a WordPress installation there are tons of features that you can easily choose from. Since it is open source (which mean the code that composes WordPress is free to programmers), people are constantly contributing solutions (plug-ins) that allow users who aren’t programmers to add functionality to their site without having to jump in and code. Many people associate WordPress with small to medium-sized business sites, or as a platform for bloggers. Over the last several years that really changed. There are major news networks now delivering content via WordPress, huge online retail stores, business directories and more. We can help you determine if WordPress is the best solution for your project, and if it isn’t, we have extensive experience with Drupal and Joomla content management systems. We always match our clients with the best solution for them, not based on our skillset and/or availability.




Yes, of course you can, but there are several reasons why you might not want to. First, there are many plugins and setups that we would consider “best practice”. We have tested and utilized hundreds of different plugins, themes, and WordPress setups. All WordPress installations and setups aren’t created equal. You get the benefit of us knowing which plugins and themes to use (which will allow you success managing the site yourself), which plugins are good to use but have some quirks that need to be accounted for, and which plugins to STAY AWAY FROM. The position Tamberra takes on building a WordPress site is that we want you to be as self-sufficient as you want to be. If you want the admin section to be very user friendly, there are things that we can do to make things easier on you. If you want the site up as quickly as possible, we know how to guide you in a direction that gets you started in a “lean” manner.




Yes, as I mentioned above, we will make you as self-sufficient as you want to be with your WordPress site. The reason you might not want to take ownership of managing and updating your site has to do with the thing that makes WordPress so great. Open source code. With so many people creating code and contributing plugins to the system, there WILL be issues when you update plugins or the WordPress installation. Tamberra has a lot of processes in place to protect your website from incompatible changes. We take a backup of every single site, using a code repository that tracks all of our code changes. This way we can easily roll back any changes that were made if there were conflicts. We are also knowledgeable in which updates will cause issues and have the skills it takes to work around the problems that those updates can make. It really isn’t a question of IF it will happen, it is a question of WHEN it will happen.




Can’t I just leave it the way it is so that I don’t cause any issues? Well, kind of. The longer you wait to update your WordPress site, the more issues you are going to come across when it is time to update. The reason you want to update WordPress is that the longer you wait, the easier it is for hackers to get into your site and cause issues. Typically WordPress releases patches and fixes to its code to prevent these types of hacks. If you have an e-commerce site, you don’t want your customers to be at risk of being hacked while putting in their personal information. When running updates on a site that hasn’t been updated in a long time, it takes much longer than it would take if the site was updated on a regular, monthly basis, which is what we recommend.


These are only a few of the plug-ins we have experience with:
Events Manager Pro
Yoast SEO
Contact Form 7
Gravity Forms
W3 Total Cache
Slider Revolution
Google Analytics


The team at Tamberra has been working with WordPress sites for years and are experts at getting you up and running quickly. Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you with your WordPress needs.