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Here at Tamberra, we see ourselves as professional digital problem solvers. We love a good mystery and that is what your project might be at this stage… a mystery. Who, what, where, when, why – these are all questions that we can help you answer.
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Sarasota Web Design

Sarasota Web Design

Tamberra is a Sarasota web design company specializing in WordPress, digital strategy, SEO, social media, responsive design and custom web applications.

Web design is one of the most important parts of web development. Typically you will hear someone say, “does anyone know a good web designer?” This is because to the every day user of websites this is the part that is most important and most visible. They might not realize the amount of thought, strategy and functionality that goes behind a design. First, you need to establish your goals.

For example, your website goals may be: sell products online, educate users on a product, educate users on a service, generate sales leads, promote social media, blogging, collect email addresses, communicate directly to your customer, promote company culture and job openings, the list goes on and on. Tamberra has the expertise to turn your website goals into functionality and design that makes the most sense for your site.

If your website goal is to generate sales leads, you will have to make sure that your website is optimized to have clear calls-to-action throughout your site. You will need to consider that not everyone comes into your site on the homepage. When users are googling something they are more likely to enter your site through another page that matches their Google search. A good analysis of your Google Analytics will let you know things like landing page, exit page, bounce rate, time on site, and where the majority of your users are coming from.

If a goal is to educate users on a product, you might have youtube videos displaying the product being used, blog posts describing different aspects of the product, and a newsletter subscribe button to have potential customers sign up to receive weekly updates about the product via email. You will want a layout that can hold all of these different and equally important calls-to-action without the page being distracting from what you are trying to get your user to do.

Many companies want to show off their awesome company culture. They might be more of a B2B company that isn’t necessarily looking to promote products or services on the page. They really want to attract an exceptional workforce to join their team. We can create integrations with Indeed, LinkedIn, and other 3rd party job applicant tracking systems.

These are just a few examples of how knowing your goals before starting the design can affect the direction the project takes.

Depending on your budget we can create a fully customized design complete with wire frames, page mocks, and interactive prototypes. Wireframes are a good way to start and layout the data-driven decisions we mention above. It’s an effective way to layout the different actions you would like your users to take without letting design drive your decisions. Once the functionality layout is complete we can add the bells and whistles that will make your web page stand out.

For a more cost-effective solution we will take and customize WordPress, Drupal and Joomla themes. Clients worry that customizing a theme will leave them with a site that is exactly like everyone else’s. in some instances this may be true but for the most part with the evolution of theme building hundreds of sites can be created from one theme. This gives us the ability to have a highly customized design to match your branding at a fraction of the cost.

We can also help with re-creating graphics. For example, if you had a logo designed and are unable to find the source file – we can recreate the file for you in photoshop or illustrator so that you are able to hand the graphics off to your printer.

With a background in both design and programming we understand how both processes need to work together and often make streamlined decisions based on our knowledge of both. Tamberra has the ability to see the project from all angles due to our extensive experience. We are experts specializing in Sarasota web design.

As a note, website accessibility is a very hot topic due to the amount of corporations being sued for not having a website that is accessible to those with disabilities. Knowing from the start that your website should be accessible and the standards the site should meet will also affect design. Contrast is an important part of website accessibility and when choosing colors for your branding and site, should be taken into consideration.

Our team members are located in Sarasota, Bradenton, Maitland and Miami. Every developer on the Tamberra team is a senior level developer, and most have a minimum of 10 years experience. We have worked on hundreds of websites and web projects giving us expert knowledge that can guide your project to success.

We specialize in Sarasota web design. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, fill out our contact form and someone from our team will contact you right away.

We pride ourselves on understanding that your budget is important. We aren’t in the business of selling you services you don’t need. Custom Content Management System from scratch? No way. Customizing an already existing Content Management System to work for you? Absolutely. We rely on client referrals and we get them because of our high quality of work, and realistic solutions.

Utilizing a team of on-shore and off-shore resources we have the people that can make your project happen.

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