Set up in the EI

Edit InterfaceThe first thing to do is to set up a self-serve section under Taxonomy (Admin -> Taxonomy). You can list all of the different pages here, each page needs its own unique taxonomy ID. In this example, I created a root category called SELF_SERVE_PAGES. I added the different types of pages About Us, Advertising and Contact Us. For this example we will use About Us.
Next, we create a new article to hold the text. We set the publication date to 99999999, this is done for two reasons.

    • It is an easy way for an editor to search for all self-serve pages, they can search by the date 99999999
    • It is a static date that we can put into our newslist tag to search for the article

You can assign this page to any category you choose. In our case we will assign it to About Us.

Finally, add the About Us content in the paragraph sections of the EI


Edit Interface
Add the date “99999999” and assign to the About Us Category


The Code

On our about_ovr.pbs template, we will add the code to call the static content we just created in the EI.

Let’s break this tag down.

    • Category=ABOUT: This is the Category ID of the About Us category we assigned to the article


  • taxonomywords=”49″: This is the taxonomy ID of the self-serve -> About Us item we created



  • date=”99999999″: The static date we assigned to the article



  • count=”1″: This will pull 1 story (which is fine, since we only have 1 about us page)



Finally, we set up the object files to output the data:




The page is now set up. Now, when an editor needs to make a change, they can easily search for the article and change the text within the paragraphs without having to rely on development.