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7 Tips to Drive Website Traffic to your Site

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So you have a local business and want to maximize the amount of attention your website gets? Well luckily we have compiled a list that will start maximizing your online efforts!


1. Verify Google Places and Local Directories


Make sure your business is verified with Google and Bing places via postcard. Also make sure you submit your business to the top local directories, including Apple Maps. It is important that you have a consistent address across all postings.


2. Retarget Ads for Website Visitors


Although rewarding, finally getting website visitors takes a lot of hard work and effort. Retargeting ads are easy and very cheap to setup. Imagine a website visitor leaving your site to be reminded on the web and Facebook constantly. This keeps your business fresh in their mind and increases the chances they will act on a decision. Optionally, you can even take this a step farther and create dynamic rules based off pages on your website and create separate ads for them. An example would be a set of ads for oil changes, and a set of ads for collision repair.


3. Rank Higher With Social Media


Google is going to rank your website higher in the search engines based on how many people are searching for your business, and how much engagement your social media profiles have. Take new and past customers and do whatever it takes for them to like your business on Facebook or Twitter. Better yet, ask your favorite customers to add reviews to Facebook or your Google Places listing.


4. Improve the Reach Of Social Media Posts


It is a good idea to search Twitter for hashtags that are either relevant to your city, or actually contain the city name. This is where people are going to find posts that that aren’t normally in their newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter. Use a free tool like HootSuite to schedule social media posts weeks out in advanced, and post as frequent as you can using these hashtags. People will engage with what helps them! So it’s always a good idea to come up with content that grabs attention and can be shared, such as tips and tutorials.


5. Setup Google Adwords Ads


If you have a bigger budget, you may want to experiment with setting up Google Adwords ads. These are the ads that show up on the searches at the top of the page. These are typically buyer ready customers, but the cost per click can sometimes be very costly, and varies per industry/market.


6. Make Sure Your Website Is Search Engine Optimized


Use a site like SEO Checkup to test each page on your website to make sure its optimized for the search engines. Often times this could mean that you will need to edit simple code on your website, but this is such a needed thing for the the search engines to correctly evaluate your website. Also consider that Google will want to rank the top quality websites that abide by their rules and standards. After all, Google is where we will get most of our online business right?


7. Split Test Traffic


If you use WordPress to manage your website, or another Content Management System, you can research a split test plugin allowing you to split test traffic with two separate designs. You would be surprised at the results you can get. We at Tamberra have experienced doubled growth in the past!


There are many things you can do to increase traffic to your site, the items mentioned above are some of the most important tasks that you can complete to get customers engaged with your company.